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Meet Lily!

my dear friend diana ( i call her dizzy), just adopted an 8 month old boxer mix from Peggy Adams Rescue League and i was privileged to be part of the process! Lily is the newest addition to our dog crew, and her mom has so much love to give her! unfortunately, lily broke her toe while at the shelter… most likely by getting it caught in her kennel. dizzy tried nursing her back to health but that wild pup kept escaping her splint somehow! now lily will be kept in treatment at Peggy Adams for the next couple of weeks for her own safe healing for her toe, and diana will hopefully be picking her up within in the next few weeks. she’s such a sweet pup, i took a few pics during our restrained outside time. next time i see her, i will have completed my first semester of vet school, and she’ll probably be 15 lbs bigger!




after a fun day, Honey sometimes fall asleep with her tongue out! nothing like seeing a tired pup, means we’ve done our job!



this is heart-wrenching, i actually cried (i dont cry very often). it is so true…

No Act of Kindness is Too Small


“I found your dog today. No, he has not been adopted by anyone. Most of us who live out here own as many dogs as we want, those who do not own dogs do so because they choose not to. I know you hoped he would find a good home when you left him out here, but he did not. When I first saw him he was miles from the nearest house and he was alone, thirsty, thin and limping from a burr in his paw.

How I wish I could have been you as I stood before him. To see his tail wag and his eyes brighten as he bounded into your arms, knowing you would find him, knowing you had not forgotten him. To see the forgiveness in his eyes for the suffering and pain he had known in his never-ending quest to find you… but I was…

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Please let people know about this new trend “dog flipping”…we may be putting our animals in danger by using Craigslist to help them…

No Act of Kindness is Too Small

Please do your homework when using ANY social media or listing service. Although we say to advertise for adopters and/or fosters online, it is ultimately up to us to carefully and responsibly place animals in homes. We have the control over who gets to adopt our rescued dogs and cats. Online background checks are cheap! Vet offices keep records on people who have pets. If there is no Vet record on file, RED FLAG!

Please take this as a wake-up call to those of us who do rescue often. Do not be fooled, do your homework.

An article we posted on our Facebook pages a few weeks ago highlights all the reasons why people SHOULD NOT post for their animals to be adopted or fostered on Craigslist. There is a new trend in this nation called “Dog Flipping” and the Huffington Post has detailed on what to look out for.

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