in this day and age, job security is seriously dwindling.

i personally chose advocare as my direct sales model because they provide a clear system of building your income and because their products are world-class, effective, safe, and i truly believe in them. they are geared toward healthy living, and that fits into my lifestyle which allows me to build my 2nd income easier. im happy to say that i am generating money, without attending a “job”, that will help me pay for vet school.

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veg out

if you havent heard of factory farming or arent familiar with it, google it. learn what you can and make an informed decision on what you consume, your health, and the well-being of others. i never like to force the issue of vegetarianism on others because it’s a decision that we have to come to for ourselves from within. that’s why in the video i say “try being a vegetarian one day a week”, that way you can live in both worlds in a sense. maybe you’ll convert fully, maybe you’ll be happy with giving up meat one day a week. either way, you’ll know that you made that decision and are not just going with the notion of “i love meat so much i dont want to know, nor do i care where it comes from.”

4 health tips i always follow

whether im not really into watching my food intake, or im on a strict meal plan and schedule, i never stray too far from these tips. i’ve been doing them for years and they help me keep my foundation and stay on track to living healthier. i could probably make 10 posts about the tiny things i do to stay on track once i’ve surpassed a health goal, but these are the absolute basic 4.

leading a healthy lifestyle means living longer and less problematically!

24 day challenge

i’m not exaggerating when i say the 24 day challenge changed my life. for the month of december i revisited my years as a “garbage disposal” as my friends so loving called me in high school. but in high school i was playing sports all year so i could afford to have those sorts of eating habits. during the holidays i was eating anything and everything, withholding all self discipline and just packing it in. i chose to eat poorly because i knew come the first week of january i was going to fully commit myself to the “challenge”. proper diet is 90%of the battle in losing fat. then exercise. so i tackled eating healthier first.

so what does the challenge consist of? its a regimented diet (when i say diet i mean just what the body ingests, having a balanced and nutritional meal plan) that is supplemented with… supplements. when you purchase the challenge, all of the tools you need to get healthy and shed some lbs are at your fingertips. included is a fundamental part of the challenge, vitamins and minerals (supplements, natural and safe). they are fundamental because many of us do not get the recommended daily amount of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and so the challenge provides these vitamins. this helps get your body back into a balanced mode. when its balanced, metabolizing fat is a lot easier. also included is a very detailed schedule of when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat. schedule is another important piece of achieving your health goal. for the entire 24 days you follow this plan with taking the vitamins and minerals, and by the end of the challenge…voila! your’e down a pant size or two, or three. dont get me wrong though, this is not something to be considered lightly. i took this challenge on because i was completely fed up with how i felt (sluggish and blah) and also looking at a closet full of clothes i couldnt properly fit into. when it came time to start the challenge i found it within me to be fully committed and dedicated, i was going to do it and do it right, after all it’s only 24 days!

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advocare only sells their products through distributors, and once i felt the results, i signed up, it was the only logical option!