happy father’s day!

Click here to see the news clip 🙂

^ i wasnt able to embed the news clip video, so click on the link above! i am toward the end of the clip, but the beginning shows how badly the island flooded from the rain.

we drove by the shelter in the morning before the shelter was able to send emails out or facebook notifications, the water was almost up to my knees. we took some animals out, we walked them, moved them to higher ground, cleaned some pens, and then had to head back to school. that is when the news crew was there and asked me to say a few words! by the time we came back to the shelter  around 5pm the same day to see if they needed more animals to be taken from the rain (my classmate was going to foster for this event bc she lives off campus), almost all of the animals had already been taken out which was awesome. the flooding lasted about 2 days, and it rained on and off during the week. the good news was the animals that were being fostered for the flood got to stay in their foster homes for much longer than expected, but most of them were brought back to the shelter by the end of the month. this is the same shelter i do the beach training with, and i am going to try and regularly go by on saturday mornings to walk the dogs.


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