going into week 7 already!

im still figuring out wordpress, and i had captions for all of the pictures, then when i uploaded them half of the captions disappeared! so since i cant figure out how to update it properly with the new captions, leave comments on any questions or thoughts πŸ™‚ next post i should have this figured out…

pic 3. im on the bus all alone!

pic 4. this a typical cayman bus. not what americans are used to, its more like a van. they can be pretty inconvenient to get on and off of since there are no isles and if you are at a window seat you may have to wait for 4 people to get off before you get off. the plus side is there are no traditional bus stops. the bus will stop wherever you are standing on the sidewalk.

pic 5. michelle’s bistro and her dog mitsu. our school has no cafeteria, just this stand to grab drinks and snacks in the middle of campus, and to take a break and pet the dog!

pic 6. 2 classmates, sifti and rachael. we had dinner at guy harvey’s in georgetown a few weeks back

pic 7. school uniform, red polo and khakis!

pic 8. liz (another classmate) me, sifti

pic 10. skyping the padre and dixie!

pic 11. rum point, a stop on our jetski tour, pic 12 is our jetskis parked among many at rum point.

pic 14. i only took the sea star out for 5 second for this picture, dont worry

sting ray city adventure:

interacting with these beautiful and majestic creatures was really amazing! i cant wait to go back! the day my dad an i went was kind of windy and a little rainy that weekend so the ocean isnt as clear blue as usual, but as you can see the sting rays were happy to see us since they know that is where their meal is. i used my iphone to take the videos. i bet youre wondering how? with this awesome case that i bought on island where i got my computer fixed. the case is called lifeproof, it is waterproof and shock proof and i love it. the sting rays are so soft underneath and rugged on top. as soon as we jumped in the water to the sand bar where they hang, they swarmed us and rubbed against our legs. it was shocking at first because we did not expect them to be that big or come so close!

for josh’s birthday weekend he came to visit! we stopped into some places to see how he can get a work permit to move down here hopefully by august. we cruised the entire island, snorkeled, swam, relaxed in the sun, ate delicious food, and went to the movies! i had not been to the movie theatre yet, and it is a very nice theatre. we saw snow white and the huntsman. i was mesmerized by charlize theron and all the effects and costumes she had. needless to say, i did like the movie a lot. but as my dad often has said to me “what movie dont you love?” (rhetorically), i have tailored my movie taste just a bit since i was 12.

after josh left it was back to studying! i welcome my 7th week of school!


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