first week on island!

below are some pics from the past week!


^at the 7 mile public beach aka public beach for the “welcome back smu vet students bbq”


^ it was gorgeous out, but just down the way it looked like storm clouds were going to roll in!
^ there are 2 areas we go to learn. there is the smu campus which is 2.3 miles from where i live and we have a separate uniform ( i will post later) and there is the clinical teaching facility which is on the east end of the island, a 35 minute car ride. this is where anatomy and anatomy lab are held, and also where the large animals are that belong to the university. the uniform required is ceil blue scrubs. the school has arranged for a bus to take us out to the teaching facility for the first semester and possibly the second because cabs are expensive and the public transportation system does not go to the ‘countryside’.
carnival pics!
^another of my inspirational honest tea caps!

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