i forgot to mention a few things in my vid!

1. a huge advantage of going to SMU Vet school is the faculty to student ratio. my class is composed of 8 students which means we have a lot of access to and time with our professors. that is another thing that was emphasized upon us, all the resources available to us students to be great in vet school and to succeed, which will hopefully equate to being great vets!

2. our first day of orientation was with the med students as well. the residence halls (and suites which is a different building) have both vet and med students living together. for this incoming med class they had about 40 students. i have made some friends in med as well which is awesome.

3. thus far everyone on the island, locals and foreigners alike, are very, very friendly. some of the students at orientation have transferred from other carribean schools such as ross (st. kitt’s), and st. george’s (grenada). they have shared stories of how not nice the other islands are especially in comparison to grand cayman. they are mostly referring to the local community, and the feeling of safety.

4. today at SMOLE, we were able to interact with other semester students and free to ask them everything and anything. they are so open and willing to help. before i came here i heard that this school was like a big family, and after today i can really see what they mean! i am really happy to be a part of this group!

5. another really cool thing we learned today at SMOLE again was the importance of balance. time management, and balance are so essential to making the best of our time here. i wasn’t sure if i expected the faculty and other students to stress how important it is to study ONLY(which they did on monday), but i don’t think i expected them to dedicate a time to express to us the key to being successful and happy during this journey is balance. i have been striving to be balanced for a long time now, and i was really happy to hear that coming from my new family!


5 responses to “orientation

  1. Janah I am quite impressed with your writings!! This is very nice to hear…we will take the boat there to visit you! Promise. You’re an Inspiration Lovexo

  2. I really enjoyed this. Any pet is a great pet. !!! So glad you want this career! It suits you! So happy for you…….And of course I love my horses! Hope you can do this too….

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