Grand Cayman bits


the airplane i took from MIA to Grand Cayman!


Owen Roberts International Airport


Kirk’s grocery store… a 10 min walk from the residence halls. its very nice and carries everything i can find in the states. the prices are a little more than american standards, but not too, too bad.


saturday lunch at calico jacks on 7 mile beach! i had a local dish and it was delicious


my view from calico jacks. it rained all day saturday, but it was still nice and warm


today (sunday) i explored the island some more. i took lots of beach pics, but i posted this one bc it had the nicest angle.

a tree on the side of the road on my way to bodden town. lots of shoes!

Click here for a page i found that gives a back story to this interesting tree!

my cap from my honest tea… πŸ™‚


9 responses to “Grand Cayman bits

  1. love it. The shoe tree is that a result of people forgetting and leaving their shoes on the beach and so the tree is used to post lost shoes? Can I have one? LOL. love you baby girl. MOM

  2. The history of the Shoe Tree is very interesting. I still wonder if people just forget their shoes or if they were awashed with the shore or if people just threw their shoes away without concern for the environment. If it were just the latter, then why isn’t there a variety of litter trash? LOL.

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