red light money

this girl did not look desperate for gas or anything important, she just blatantly asked me for money and didn’t say what for. it looked more like she needed some money for cigarettes. when the light turned green she had collected like $2 and ran back into her mustang and drove off. i was still thinking, who does that? it was a humorous experience.


4 responses to “red light money

  1. Its ok , people do things like that all the time at bus stops and stuff. Always asking for money even from people who really can’t sapre it. I’m not saying some people don’t need money but alot of the people who actually need it are to proud to ask for it. Thing is you never know what they want to money for but in this day and time its usually for something you’d rather not give money to them for if you knew the whole story but they use peoples guilt of not helping someone against us.

    • youre on point for “this day and time its usually for something youd rather not give money.” but what really surprised me in this experience was 1. the girl was driving a mustang, 2. she was my age 3. she did not appear to be homeless or starving…so maybe she wasnt to proud to ask for money for whatever she needed it for, but in that setting it was really bizarre, unlike at other public places

      • yea i totally understand lol Your probably thinking if she has a mustang why does she need money? So it looks humorus for sure. Sadly enough though i know people that think everything should be handed to them. And would do this exact thing just so they wouldn’t have to work for it.

  2. not to say i am against giving money for those who actually do need it, or if you felt that it wasnt a strange situation to give someone money. it’s subjective in any situation. but for me personally, this day, it was just too sketchy.

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