are you driven by fear or joy

i feel like its important to limit time spent with people who are driven by fear since they often have a negative energy. to accomplish goals, to be happy, and whatnot its nice not having to be bogged down by negativity, but first we have to find that positive energy within ourselves.


3 responses to “are you driven by fear or joy

  1. This is interesting. Although I think it really depends on the situation.
    But in a general sense I see where your coming from.

    Also, I’m really curious…. what is/are your background(s)?

    • yea, it is a circumstantial thing…but i did intend it to be in a general sense so youre right.
      my background: my mom is half vietnamese half french
      and my dad is half lebanese half english

      • Cool, yes you are very “interesting” looking. In a good way of course! I am lebenese, finnish, and english haha, another weird combo!

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