zeus and honey

the swan “zeus” is protecting his nest which isnt in the shot. he goes after every animal he sees, other swans, ducks, and dogs! we already know that honey would NEVER attack another animal. we have trained her extensively and she stays with josh hoping to see a fish. in this video she is being playful but she is very riled up. without using the leash, josh is able to control her with his energy and gets her to calm down (i would have stepped in between but someone had to video it!)

after, josh and honey continued to fish in peace (not so close to zeus) πŸ™‚


6 responses to “zeus and honey

  1. My father has a bad habbit of just getting irritate with their dog and cat and it never really seems to work. So i totally understand about this. Very good job on the video to by the way:)

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