find passion

i am fortunate to have found my passion at this point in my life because i realize not everyone has passion nor knows what they are passionate about yet and it’s like they are floating in this world aimlessly, looking for a purpose. i just have such immense happiness and i attribute part of that feeling to recognizing my purpose. of course being happy and finding happiness is more complex, but i think this is an integral part to achieving that.


4 responses to “find passion

  1. I completely agree with you, Janah. Finding Passion in life is what keeps us happy. Us humans need to have life goals to keep us going, functioning, and healthy. And if that goal is your passion, then you’ve achieved happiness! 🙂 I have several things i’m passionate about, but i feel like it’s hard to pick one and concentrate on that. But i feel like i do need to choose, or else i will never advance in life. There is simply not enough time to do it all. Or is there?….

  2. i have several things im passionate about too! but the animals, and advocating for them and eventually being able to care for them medically is my strongest passion at this time in my life. do you have stronger feelings for one of your passions that you can see yourself pursuing and being happy while doing it? passions in life can change and so does our course sometimes, so i think that there is a lot of time to pursue many passions…maybe one at a time, maybe a few at once! either way, if youre passionate about it, that feeling of fulfillment is unmatchable.

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