It takes work, time and patience…

…to get a dog as great as this! of course part of her greatness is her natural disposition, but josh and i have put a lot of effort into contributing to what a well behaved dog she’s become 🙂 she’s our world pretty much. in this pic she is pretty concentrated on watching josh cook his turkey burgers in the kitchen…she’s sending positive thoughts “i will get some turkey burger, i will get some turkey burger”



2 responses to “It takes work, time and patience…

  1. 🙂 so cute. As you know, my mom has a puppy now, and he is the smartest, most wonderful little puff ball ever. EXCEPT for the biting. We’ve tried many techniques to stop his playful biting on our hands and feet, and some are working…. he’s slowing it down. But the other day, for example, he playfully bit my step dad’s hand, and he bled. He immediately punished him by putting the pup in his cage. Any advise?

    • your mommy’s puppy is adorable! how old is he now? do you not encourage any playful biting with your limbs? does he have chew toys? what have you tried? if any of you have time to read (you, your mommy, or step dad) i really recommend reading “be the pack leader” by cesar milan. it will help all of you raise your puppy into a stable, balanced, happy dog!
      another thing, instead of punishing him by putting him in his cage, he needs to know that is not acceptable immediately. if you dont read the book right away, youtube some of the dog whisperer stuff, it shows you how to effectively communicate with your dog/puppy that certain behaviors arent allowed. it involves making your hand kinda act like a mouth…let me know if you check that stuff out and what you think! xoxoxo

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