fear of rejection

if i forgot any reasons why rejection is scary please share. anticipating rejection can be so irksome that it holds us back from doing things we want to accomplish. think about all the things you can do if you could conquer this fear. seriously, why is rejection so frightening. i say anytime you want do something like approach a stranger to chat, go for it. recognizing that rejection is holding you back (like in specific situations) is half the battle.


5 responses to “fear of rejection

  1. Yup that is very true, rejection can just mess you up! It only needs to happen once and that is it! You are in total shock. Then you have others that rejection is nothing, they just keep at it. I have seen artist be devastated by rejection to the point that they have stopped doing art. Amazing how a word can be so powerful to make you or break you…

  2. i agree with you laviebohemart! it’s amazing how something like rejection can have such a huge impact on a person. if we can learn to bounce back from rejection and use it to be stronger or harness it however it fits, then we can hurdle obstacles and not give one word the power of “breaking” us

  3. The idea of rejection is definitely FEAR based. Fear keeps us from taking risks and for some it pre-empts them from having a fulfilling, purposeful and successful life. Make more vids! xoxoxo

    • yes, fear is a huge part of life, and conquering your fears will take you places you’ve never been! (because you were afraid šŸ™‚ )thanks for your comment sunnyD’s mom. are you going to make a blog as well? “the adventures of SunnyD and me in God’s country”

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