applying to vet school


while editing this vlog post, i was able to observe how often i say “um”…its annoying, i know, i’m working on it. it was even more annoying trying to edit them out so i had to keep some in.

i forgot to mention that experience is another key factor that can help weigh out not so great grades. higher gre scores, strong essays, and a lot of hours volunteering or shadowing (with more than one doctor if possible) can help get a student pass the first screening process (mostly the gre score will get you through if its good enough, then the strong essay etc. contributes to showing how strong of a candidate they are reviewing).

writing a strong essay takes a few drafts, and some peer reviews from people you trust and consider to be strong in some area that applies. i had such a hard time sitting down to write my essay and figuring out where to start that i enlisted my friend, V, to straighten me out and get me focused! she’s not a vet school applicant or anything, but she is a strong grad student with a great work ethic and strong writing (though our styles were much different). after about 4 or 5 drafts and editing i was happy with the final version. clicking submit was…exciting, and nerve racking…i had so much riding on this part of my application. SMU vet school was the first to get back to me, and so i had mostly committed (in my mind) to attending there after i was accepted even though i did not hear back from the other schools yet.



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