coffee table or dog bed

this is reggie!  i took this picture from the yard when i was leaving the house, i discovered his favorite place to sleep that day.




after a long day

they can fall asleep in any position…


i never post pics of josh “fake” sleeping… ehemm*mom 🙂

No Act of Kindness is Too Small

Are You Ready to Adopt a Dog or Cat? Quiz 

Caring for a companion animal goes far beyond providing food, water and shelter. It’s smart to do your research and plan carefully before bringing a dog or cat into your home. Visiting this Web site is an excellent first step. Take this quick quiz to determine if you’re ready to be a responsible pet owner.


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Dogs can live from 10-15 years, and cats for up to 20 years, so your pet may be with you for a very long time. You may go through many changes in your life during this time. You may move to a new city or a new home, marry or divorce, have children or take a new job. But your animal will be a permanent part of your life. And…

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1st semester schedule

I am registered for my first semester of vet school! i thought i’d share my approved courses for this summer’s semester!

Selected Courses
                    VB101  Veterinary Anatomy I Credits - 4

This course will introduce the students to basic anatomical concepts including anatomic terminologies and directional terms. The course focuses on comparative gross anatomy of the canine, equine and to a lesser extent bovine, feline and porcine. In the laboratory, embalmed canine cadavers will be fully dissected and compared with prosections of the other species. Lecture/ tutorials will reinforce observations in the laboratory and will high-light structures of clinical importance to the practice of veterinary medicine as well as, to research and other areas of veterinary interest. The course will be integrated with radiographic anatomy and live animal palpations of the canine and equine . The topics for this course include osteology, thoracic limb, thorax, abdomen, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.


                    VB103  Veterinary Histology and Embryology Credits - 5

The fundamental principles of histology, the microscopic study of body tissues and organ systems in domestic animals, are presented in lecture and laboratory formats. Complementary understanding of developmental anatomy of the animal body is approached through the study of chick and pig embryos with reference to developmental anomalies.


                    VB105  Veterinary Physiology I Credits - 5

The course includes the cellular basis of animal physiology, basic neurophysiology and neural control of body systems, the organs, hormones and functions of the mammalian endocrine system, endocrine control of reproductive cycles and development and certain important diseases relating to the physiology of the mammalian and endocrine systems


                    VB120  Veterinary Immunology Credits - 3

The course will give a review of the innate and acquired immunity and their components, including both the humoral and cellular arms of the immune response. The course is designed to help you in understanding the animal body defense mechanisms at cellular and molecular levels. The role of host defense mechanisms and the development of acquired immunity after infection will be discussed. The use of the different immunological tests in diagnosing animal diseases, malfunctions of the immune response and the role of vaccines in disease prevention will be covered.


                    VCS110  Professional Development I Credits - 1.5

This course will provide students with a forum to discuss major current issues facing veterinary medicine in a discussion/seminar format. The course also will introduce practice and business management concepts to begin preparing students for the business aspect of veterinary medicine.


                Total credits:18.5

small dogs, big car

munchkin and chiquita…shot 1, with my phone outside their window while my dad drives


inside car view…munchkin often sits like a young gentleman


he hears something unwrap and thinks it will be food for him!